Summer 2016 - Amsterdam

Documentary – dance film by Ruth Meyer

boom in tuin













2010 LIFE FORM /short film- collaboration of Film Academy Amsterdam & Jelena Popadic)

2002 EQUILIBRIUM short film by Ruth Meyer production: Carmen Cobos & Ryninks films-NL Starring skater and dancer Marco Geris -Stichting ISH/ glass installations by Jelena Popadic


2000/2001 ‘IN MY MIDDLE/ dance, choreography and stage play by Nicola Hepp /Production: Studio Danswerkplaats Amsterdam-Nl /glass set décor by Jelena Popadic

1999/2000 BREATH CRYSTAL/ a short dance film by Ruth Meyer, based on a poem of Paul Celan, shot on the Turtman Glacier/ production: Scarabee Film productions -NL/ dance: Michael Shoemaker / art objects and installation made by Jelena Popadic


1999 BITTERZUT/a film
by Johan Simons based on a scenario of Dennis Potter. Glass objects by Jelena Popadic and Liza Gherrardi /Screenplay by theatre group ’Hollandia’,<em