2012 Organizing and curating a group exhibition during Dutch Design week in Eindhoven, Netherlands

2006 “Leer Afrika te begrijpen:” Installation within the installation ,collaborating with Berend Strik and Magazijn van de Verbeelding” Museum CODA, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

2004/2006 Berend Strik Art productions/ textile, photography, collages.

Supervising Lamp-fall Foundation and Lamp-fall African Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jury member of the Art and Culture Prize ‘‘Glass in historical light’ cultural manifestation in the Castle Hoorn, /Hoorn /Netherlands

The members of the jury: M.J.A. Van der Hoeven, minister of science education and culture/Piet Augustijn- journalist and curator/Stella Laumans-cultural attorny/Lei Hendrix-from Stichting Art and Culture Hoorn/Karolina van Diest- curator/Jelena Popadic-artist, designer, teacher

organizing international group exhibition on yearly bases for the glass fair in Leerdam, Netherlands

- exhibition of BA graduates from IKA /Mechelen/Be

- exhibition of Rumenian Glass artists

- exhibition "Five strange women" female group of international artists working with glass, living in Netherlands

Organisation of exhibition/ Esher’s building-Gemeentearchief Amsterdam Exhibition was American Glass Art Society conference (GAS) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founder of ‘’ association of Dutch artists working with glass.

1991 /2013
Design and realisation of stage stenography for dance theatre and opera productions via Companions in Amsterdam and Showtex in Soest /Formal Bÿne & Zoonen B.V. Bussum, Netherlands