1993- Moderne Nederlandse Glaskunst 1900-1992.
Publisher: Stichting friends of modern glass and Antiek Lochem BV/Netherlands.
1997 “Une saison Hollandaise’’
Publisher: Musée-Atelier du verre -Sars Poteries. France
1997 – “Contrasten in Glas” Publisher: Publisher: Goricums Museum, Netherlands
2002- “My Dutch Design” 2002-2003”
Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers/Netherlands
2004- “My Dutch Design” 2004-2005” Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers/Netherlands
2006 -“My Dutch Design 2006-2007”
Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers/Netherlands
2006 -“Sim & Friends”
Publisher: Royal Leerdam Cryistal/Netherlands
2006- “De Glazen Eeuw/the Glass Age”A series of seven books are published in combination with a glass event:
Meesterlijk vormgeven - 20 years designing for Royal Leerdam. Publisher: Society of Friends of modern glass art/NL
2006 -“New Guard & Young Fellows the in-between generations of studio glass artists.
Publisher: Society of Friends of modern glass art, Netherlands
2008 -“Vrije Vormgeving Boek”Publisher:BNO,Netherlands
2008 -“My Dutch Design 2008-2009 /10 year jubilee book.
Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers. Netherlands
2009- “GLASS Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1969-2009”.
Publisher: Wanders uitgevers, Zwolle and Gemeente Museum Den Haag/Netherlands.
2015 ‘Cohens Choice” /Collaboration between NABK and mister Cohen/Netherlands.Publisher NABK, Netherlands
2015 “A New collectors Book” NYC / Publisher: Basak Malone NYC/USA

2016 “We Hatte Das Gedacht!” Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding-Glasdepot Holtingshof/ Deutchland
Publisher: Ernsting stiftung- Alter Hof Herding, Duitchland

1995/ Bernadine de Neeve Prijs from/ Publisher: Friends of Modern Glass
1998/ Ernsting Stichting Glas Museum Alter Hof Herding” acquisition 1998/1999 Publisher: Museum Alter Hof Herding /DE
2001/ Glass bulletin - Friends of Modern Glass nr. 3
2002/Glass bulletin - Friends of Modern Glas nr. 2
2003/ Glass bulletin - Friends of Modern Glass nr. 3
2005 Glass Art fair Leerdam, Publisher: GAF-Leerdam
2011 Glass is more-Glass is hot / DDW/ Eindhoven
Publisher: Angela van der Burgh
2000-2014 GKBI, Publication on the yearly bases. Publisher: International Glass art faire Leerdam/NL
2013 Black and White / Publisher: Goricums Museum,Nl
2014 Poetry and glass/ Glasrijk Tubbergen 2014
2015 Kunstenaars Jaarboek 2015/ NABK
2016 Ernsting Sticftung -Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding” acquisition
2016 Catalouge ofWAG-2016,Montenegro2016/WAG 2016-Montenegro
2016-Catalouge of Galerie nummer 40,Nl


1991 Elle Wonen nr. 1
1995 Avenue jaargang 2 nr. 4
1996 Art & Value nr. 3
1999 Glas, aardewerk, porselein, kristal Jaargang 2 nr. 2
2000 KM nr. 33
2000 This Side up nr. 11
2000 Kunstwerk jaargang 12 nr. 2
2001 This Side up nr. 14
2001 Glasshouse nr. 3
2002 Art-nl jaargang 3 nr. 3
2005 Louter Glas februari
2005 Louter Glas juni
2013 Foezz - Glas magazine / Friends of modern glass. pdf

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2014: Algemeen Dagblad / "Rainforest” Ambient Glass Art Installation / glass at fair in Leerdam)